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Ambulance Stretcher

—Automatic loading stretcher cum trolley.
—Built with anodized aluminium lightweight / stainless steel.
—Adjustable back rest 0 dg -90 dg which allows fixing the back rest safety in any position.
—Side protections completely overturn able with easy locking safety belts flap type.
—Safety lever for the legs positioned near the unlocking device allowing thus the release operation for the loading, keeping the hands on the stretcher.
—Vertical legs protected by nylon wedges.
—Automatic centering device mounted on rotating wheels. This system automatically blocks the back wheels in the central position during the loading of the stretcher on the ambulance without having turn the wheels manually.
—Stand for automatic loading stretcher with locking facility for quick fixing system with handle to mount the stand in very position on the stretcher.
—One IV pole of adjustable height.
—Identifiable head end of the trolley.